Welcome To Garden Improvements

Welcome, This blog will be about ideas on how to improve your garden or your home. Plants that work together and tips on how to look after them. These are only suggestions on what you can achieve with a little know how and a little bit of money. The whole idea of this is to make a beautiful garden and not break the bank.

You may have a back garden that is just a huge deck and no grass or dirt what so ever or you may have just a little flower pot on your window ledge. No matter how big or small your garden is, these project could help.

If your wondering where this came from the most simple answer is where I work and how someone is creating something for other people.

This is going to be spread between this and Pinterest. If you have any ideas or tips you want to share. Use the contact page and I’ll post it up here aswell.

You can see all the projects and ideas on Pinterest. Depending on how popular this becomes I may create a facebook page for this. For now though share with your friend on facebook and twitter. While on the subject of Twitter you can go follow me on it


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