Clearance Flowers Are Just As Good

So with the Chelsea Flower show over with. The place I work normally have flowers ready for clearance. Most of them need a little TLC and can be saved. The next task is to make the area for them to look nice and with dying plants that can be a little tricky. With mixxing the beding plants at the bottom you can get a nice display without breaking the bank.

This little display took around an hour to create with marking the flowers down and only took three hours to be “Destoryed” down to a few plants. The poppies went within minutes. This has taught me a few things.

  • Plants Can Be Saved
  • TLC = Tender Loving Care
  • Give the Clearance Flowers a chance
  • People love a good deal
  • Suprisingly people love poppies

So the next time your in a B&Q go check the clearance flowers you may be surprise at what you’ll find.

Go check my instagram out to see some more home and garden improvements.

I’d like to know what you think off this post.


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