Herb Garden

Every Garden needs one. Even if you haven’t got a garden and all you’ve got is a window ledge in your kitchen you still need a Herb Garden.

You don’t need a wooden troff like mine you can easily use pots with individual herbs in each one.

To build a little troff like this you’ll need a few things first.

What you need

Everything you need is below and linked to where you can buy them from

This troff is 4ft long so cut three boards down to 4ft long and pre drill 4 holes along the bottom on two of the boards and attach them to the third in an over size U shape. To finish the build off you just need two ends. Using the off cuts cut a couple of them down to the size you need and screw them in to place. After everything is built put in some multipurpse compost and plant your herbs

Fresh Herbs Are Better Then Dried Herbs

Why do you need a herb garden?

There are many reasons to have your own herb garden. The main reason is who doesn’t want fresh herbs when they’re cooking. I don’t know about you but when i’m cooking and it asked for oregano, I always prefer fresh over dried. A better example is freshly cooked pizza. I always love having fresh Basil on top of it.

  • Fresh
  • In long run cheaper than buying dried versions.
  • some recipes want fresh ingredients
  • The feeling you get when you’ve grown something an get to taste your hard work
  • Different Smells (espically if it is indoors!)

Fresh Herbs and you don’t need to go far.

Turn an old empty space in to the herb garden.

Every meal you cook that has fresh herbs or even fresh ingredients in that you’ve grown. It will always taste better then anything you buy for one reason alone and that is the effort you’ve put in to growing them.

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One thought on “Herb Garden

  1. Very well written especially liked the building instructions.
    And the reasons why herbs are important in cooking.
    Love it carry on with the good work.


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