Turning a boring space into something better.

The idea for this came from standing in my back garden and looking up to the shed and just seeing two trellis that were falling apart. I knew I’d want to replace them with something better looking. The only thing I thought of was replacing them with removable flower beds. The flower beds do overhang by a few inches and at first, I didn’t know if I’d like it but looking at it now. I think the few inches make it look a lot better.


Why Settle For Boring When You Can Have Better.

The plants are really simple.

  • Trailing Lebiaua
  • Trailing Petunia
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Verbena
  • Bizzie Lizzie Irama

I decided that both troffs should be identical with each other so designing wasn’t too hard. On the other side of the troffs, we’ve got two little solar lights that work well to light up a small area on the deck.

There is still one more to build and I’m going to put a lupin in. With where I live we’ve got squirrels that love to dig the flowers up everyday, so I’ve come up with a simple solution and that was putting some slate down to cover the soil but still allowing it to get water if it needs it. The beds are able to be removed from where they are. You can customise them by painting them if you want but i’ve left like this because of the rest of the garden.

Leave a comment tell me what you think. Also share with your friends you never know someone may find it useful.


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