Fruit Trees To Be Fair!

So when your reading this it’s probably been a few days since I was asked about trees and this post is really from a customer asking why isn’t my tree producing any fruit yet. So I went through the normal questions and we discovered; (well I kinda guessed). The customer only had them for about a year or so and I don’t know about you but when i’m going to do something I don’t know anything about I do some research first.

The thing with fruit trees or even plants if your buying them from a shop e.g b&q or homebase or a flower shop, all the plants are grown in a greenhouse or semi grown before they are sold. So that means trees are up rooted to be sold on, so of course your trees will need time to adjust to the new soil they’re in. They need some time to put down some roots. Each tree has different time frames for producing fruit some can take as little as three years and some can take up to seven years to start producing fruit.

Apple Trees

Unfortunately they don’t produce apple devices just fruit. Before you go and buy your tree make sure your tree is the right size for where your planting it. You can get ones that can be grown in containers or ones that you can plant in the ground.

Apple Trees can be brought in three different sizes dwarf, semi dwarf and normal.
Dwarf : 8 – 10 feet tall and wide
Semi-Dwarf : 12 – 15 feet tall and wide
Normal or standard: 18 – 25+ feet tall and wide

Unfortunately you’ll be buying apples for a little longer until you tree start producing its own. If you go with a dwarf tree you’ll be looking at around 3-5 years for the tree to produce any fruit. If you go with a standard size you’ll be looking around 5 – 8 years.

Cherry Trees

Unfortunately you won’t be enjoying any cherries for next few years if your planting it today. For acid tasting cherries that are perfect for cooking in to pies your looking at 5 years. For cherries that are perfect to eat fresh you’ll be looking 7 to 10 years.

Cherry trees are wonderful things. You can grow them in so many different ways. In containers, in bushes or in a fan up against a wall. You’ve got many different types of cherrys nabella which is a acidy type to a sunburst.

  • Acid Cherry “Nabella”
  • Acid Cherry “Morello”
  • Stella AGM
  • Lapins
  • Sunburst

I haven’t gone in to much detail on how to plant or even grow them, that’s going to be for another few posts.

All the information you’ve read you can find either by googling or visiting the RHS website. Thank you for reading, leave a comment and let me know what you thought. If you have any tips about Fruit trees you want to share leave a comment and I’ll add it up on here as a quoute. Share this with others as well you never know it could help someone thats struggling with there fruit tree.


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